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Ex-wife and bedtime

One of my ex-wives had an annoying habit. Now and then, when I was watching TV in the evening, she kissed me on the cheek and said, “I’m going to bed”. And I mean around… Read More »Ex-wife and bedtime

Working with teen

When I do rarer household chores; changing lightbulbs, cleaning dishwasher filters, assembling furniture, etc I often ask my teenage son to help me. I always say, “You should learn to do these things, so you… Read More »Working with teen

Flight delayed

Flight delayed. Teenager cranky. I pay an arm and a leg to get to the lounge with the buffet. I tell my son “Now eat as much as you want, so we don’t have to… Read More »Flight delayed

Young love

I sat at the park, when I saw and elderly couple nearby, having picnic. Man was probably over 80, and woman not much younger.   They were sitting there on a blanket, feeding grapes each… Read More »Young love

In an elevator

In an elevator, woman, 20 years younger than me, downstairs neighbour, said “your fly is open”. First words that came out of my mouth, were “Don’t panic. Gates are open but beast is asleep”.

Teen and a freezer

After a bad night’s sleep, I get up and start making coffee. While waiting, I think I’ll eat the last ice pop I’ve been saving. Maybe it will cheer me up. Then I notice that… Read More »Teen and a freezer

Jane and a bear

Jane notices at the Facebook singles group, that John has written interesting stories. Jane thinks it would be really nice, if John would send her a message. But John hasn’t noticed Jane, and thus doesn’t… Read More »Jane and a bear

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