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Teen and a freezer

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After a bad night’s sleep, I get up and start making coffee. While waiting, I think I’ll eat the last ice pop I’ve been saving. Maybe it will cheer me up. Then I notice that freezer door is ajar. Water is oozing out, everything in it is wet. And there’s no icy pop.

Bloody teenage monster has eaten my last ice pop and left the door open. We’ve talked about it many times; if you don’t close it carefully, it may stay open. There he is, sleeping late in his room. Last day before schools start.


I wake him up, tell him to come to kitchen. He stands there, with sleepy eyes, trying to look innocent. Like he had no idea what’s this is about. I explain, overemphasizing, how important it is to close the freezer properly. If you don’t, food will go bad. How much more electricity it takes because freezer is trying to compensate. Melting water gets under the freezer, and you must drag whole thing out to be able to dry and clean the floor.  

Teenager looks at me with glazed look. Doesn’t say anything. No remorse. Rage is building inside me. I look at him, straight into his eyes, and ask “do you have any explanation for this?”

He replies:” you probably left it open last night when you ate that last ice pop”.

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